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Creating your interview
add questions and set competencies

Your first step towards making your next hire is creating your first interview. This quick and simple process starts with a brief job description and adding your interview questions, which can be either video or text responses.

To help you and you team collaborate and rank your interviews, you can create and score candidates against your set competencies. Make it easy to choose the best candidate.

Quickly invite candidates

Quickly invite candidates
to your personalised interview

Once you have created your interview in three easy steps, start inviting candidates, and they can begin their interview process by clicking on their secure interview link.

You can invite candidates individually or you bulk invite too, making it quick and easy for you to start your hiring process today.


Rank your candidates
create scores and utilise powerful AI analysis

Score your candidate on job competencies and skills you set when setting up an interview. An easy star rating system means you can see who is the best fit for your vacancy at a glance.

Using AI technology we give you an overview report on the candidates emotions and feelings which analyses a candidate’s true expressions helping you can make the right judgment on if they fit the role available.

Collaborate as a team

Collaborate as a team
invite team members to the interview and compare role suitability

Manage the interview process with multiple team members and manager’s on the review panel who can collaborate and score the best candidates.

Hiring teams can share and compare notes on candidate suitability, making the interview process simple and painless.


Making an informed decision
making sure you hire the best candidate

With all the above great features in this product it makes it easy to invite, interview, share, collaborate and review the best candidates for the vacancies you need to fill.

Making it easy to offer the right job to the right candidate.

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Benefits and features

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Any device, any time, any place
Any device, any time, any place Candidates love the flexibility of submitting video interviews day or night, on any device, anywhere in the world. No apps or downloads required.
Applicant screening with video interviews
Applicant screening with video interviews Screen candidate video replies and see personality beyond paper. Book face-to-face meetings with only the top candidates.
Interview anyone, anywhere
Interview anyone, anywhere Hire 40% faster with the remote video interviewing platform your candidates love using, and never miss great talent again. Get started for free. No credit card required.
Let data enable your decision making
Let data enable your decision making Place more candidates in more roles confident in the knowledge that your decisions are driven by data and analysis.
Save screening costs and work smarter
Save screening costs and work smarter Invite suitable candidates to a video interview and save time and effort by only bringing the most suitable candidates in to a live interview.
Reduce time to hire and speed up your process
Reduce time to hire and speed up your process Speed up your recruitment process with video interview intelligence. Instant invites ensures your business is at the forefront in the candidate-led market.
AI analysis on video interviews
AI analysis on video interviews Using powerful artificial intelligence, your candidates are scored and rated as they answer questions against common personality traits, giving you the inside track.
Collaborate with hiring teams remotely
Collaborate with hiring teams remotely Easily collaborate with clients and colleagues to discuss your next hire. Share and compare notes, and with collaborative scoring you have crystal clear data to back up your decisions.
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